The Q: What games have you dreamt about?

dq I need to share this because it’s happening to me again. I will wake up with distinct memories from a videogame as if I had been playing it all night, but I know they were only dreams.

What games have you dreamt about?

The first time it ever happened was with Command and Conquer: Generals. I absolutely loved that game and used to play it a lot with my roommates. I had dreams about building my army and gathering resources. I don’t remember any fighting, just preparing for battle.

The whole dream was top down, just like the game. It freaked me out when I woke up because I did so much preparation but there was no battle. I, of course, turned on my computer and started playing immediately.

I didn’t have an intense videogame dream until about four years later when I picked up Mario Kart DS. I used to play it before bed; bad idea. I don’t know if you recall the cheapassness of the blue shells, but on an annoying scale of 1 – 10 it was somewhere around a 13. Blue shells used to invade my dreams. I wouldn’t necessarily dream about racing or Mario Kart, just getting bombarded with blue shells as I tried to complete daily tasks.

Now I’m dreaming about The World Ends With You. I realize I’m not even that far into the game but it is eating away at my soul. Last night, in dream world I collected pins and used them to battle invisible monsters. Invisible. Monsters.

I clearly have a problem.


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