The Q: What gaming moments had you going "wow"?

DQI finished the single player mode of GTA IV the other night and did what I usually do to unwind from a long stint with a video game…I revisit a title from my collection of video games. I decided on the original Tomb Raider for the PS1.

It brought back memories and reminded me of the "wow" factor I had when I first played it. The game setting, for its time, was huge and being able to move in a 3D world was still somewhat of a novelty. Another wow moment for me was in Final Fantasy VII where the character, Aerith, meets a fate that was certainly not expected.

And of course, my most recent "wow" factor in a game was in Grand Theft Auto IV. If the original Tomb Raider was the pioneer in an open environment where you could roam, then GTA IV has brought this concept to an art form. I was totally "wowed" by the scope and detail of Liberty City.

So for today’s question of the day:

What gaming moments had you going "wow"?


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