The Q: What is your favorite fighting franchise?

dq Fighting games seem cyclical in nature, rising and falling in popularity by an invisible schedule.

In the early 90s Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat reigned supreme (with King of Fighters and Virtua Fighter on the up and up), then other games took over, then Mortal Kombat came back, then it left, then Virtua Fighter got popular again, etc. But no matter how good (or bad) recent titles in a series are, all gamers have that one fighting series that they value above all others.

What is your favorite fighting franchise?

There are many to choose from. Do you enjoy the over-the-top fatalities of Mortal Kombat? Do you like the licensing of Marvel vs Capcom? Are you a technical purist giggling with joy when you play Virtua Fighter? Are you one of those people who considers Smash Bros. a fighting game?

(I don’t want to give away my answer, but let’s just say I had a figurine of Sub-Zero on my desk for a few years.)


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