The Q: What is your favorite piece of gaming apparel?

dq I know you all have at least one piece of video game clothing. Each of us probably has more than one gaming related tee shirt, even if it says "everyone loves an Italian boy" with a picture of Mario on it.

I have more gaming tee shirts than I care to share with the class at this juncture. But quantity isn’t something I’m concerned with today. No. Today we’re talking quality.

What is your favorite piece of gaming apparel?

I want to hear stories this time around. I want to know what your favorite article of gaming clothing is and why you like it so much. If it’s a Pac Man tee shirt you stole from Billy Mitchell tell me you stole it from Billy Mitchell.

Setting aside the fact that it’s gaming related, my favorite piece of clothing is my Legend of Zelda track jacket. It’s green with white stripes and has the original Legend of Zelda logo on the back. I’ve had it since 2002 and it is probably the article of clothing I have worn the most in the past 5 years. The Zelda, as I call it, is even being worn in the photo on my drivers license.

Fun fact: whenever I go into a bar or someplace where I am being carded chances are high that I’m wearing the jacket in person as well. Whenever I have to hand over my ID I end up snickering thinking how ridiculous it is that I’m wearing the same clothes as in my picture. Most bouncers thing I’m trying to pull a fast one on them, and I get double checked a lot.


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