The Q: What was the first PC game you played?

dailyqFor me (I’m still a young fellar), it would have to be Oregon Trail on the old Apple II computers in second and third grade of elementary school during the early 1990’s. Later when two games called Doom and Doom II were released in 1993/1994, my PC gaming life took off from there.

I have other early memories with various FPS from Apogee Sotware during the mid-90’s, now known as 3D Realms; I remember juggling the various floppy disks for installation of Blake Stone: Aliens, also don’t forget Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem and even Rise of the Triad.

To relive the classic game that is Oregon Trail, head over to VirtualApple. It requires Windows and, if you’re using it, a Firefox plug-in/extension.

So what was your very first PC game and when did you play it?


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