The Q: What's the longest you've played at once?

DQIt seems that some video games are timeless, and by that I mean in more ways than one. There is the facet of a timeless game being so fun and involving that it continues to survive and be talked about even long after it has arrived on the scene.

These games aren’t always necessarily big sellers but they remain in the hearts of video gamers everywhere.

The other timeless aspect of these games is the effect they have on us while playing them–time literally stands still. What you though was only the passing of an hour or two suddenly turns into five, and five suddenly turns into eight.

For me, Final Fantasy X was such a game. When it first came out, I held off on playing it because I knew I would have to devote a good chunk of time. I waited till it was Christmas break and I cracked open the seal and started to play it at 10AM. Before I knew it, it was 1PM…and then suddenly 12AM.

I finally put FFX away for fear that my family would discover that I played for 14 hours straight on a video game and throw me in the basement until I came to my senses. (That wouldn’t have worked. I have game consoles down there too.)

That lengthy game session is not the norm for me. But occasionally, I will play a game that totally has me immersed in it, and for all intents and purposes, its good-bye life for about a week.

The question of the day is:

What was the longest time (in hours) have you ever played a game in one sitting?


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