The Q: Which videogame character are you?

GamerNode featureMuch like characters in novels, movies, and other stories, videogame characters can resonate strongly with the playing audience, oftentimes because players identify with certain characteristics that they exhibit or circumstances surrounding them.

I’d like to think that we have all imagined ourselves as one videogame character or another at some point in our lives. At least I hope so, because I don’t want to have been the only child on the block prone to such whimsy. Now I’m "all grown up," and my mind has wandered back to the question:

"If you were a videogame character, who would you be?"

I’m only now realizing how difficult a question this is to answer. There are many character who like, but few who I can really identify with. If I had to choose, I might say Wander from Shadow of the Colossus, due to his unwavering passion to achieve what is in his mind the single most important goal in his life, whatever the cost. He embarked on his journey alone, and only had himself to see his way to the end.

Or maybe I’d choose the diver guy from Endless Ocean, simply because I want to live his life. :-P

[Eddie Inzauto]


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