The Q: Will the world end this year?

dqWelcome to the late edition of the Daily Q. Today we’re going with a simple question, but you may not understand the context from where this Q comes. It stems from long development cycles.

I remember seeing the very first trailer for Duke Nukem Forever. That was about 11 years ago. I had convinced myself that the Duke was dead. There’s also Too Human — a game that’s been in development for 8 or 9 years now. I feel like I’ve been hearing about this game since the PSone days.

I had chalked both of these games and the newest Alone in the Dark up as vaporware, but it seems all three will be coming out this year.

Could this be the end? Is it possible that this triple shot of vaporware turned actual software is enough to end the world as we know it?

I would have said yes if we were seeing Killzone this year also. We’ve been seeing a whole lot of nothing about that game too…that and Alan Wake.


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