Dead or Alive 4: Patch #2 Released

As the only next-generation fighting title currently available, Dead or Alive 4 has a lot of eyes on it. And in response to one of the main criticisms of the game, Tecmo has released another patch via Xbox Live. Shortly after releasing a patch to fix a bug in the game, which would randomly erase game saves, the second patch is more gameplay-oriented and fixes the issue of character balance amongst the fighters. To many this upgrade is a blessing for online gameplay since players will no longer be able to exploit any repetitive button mashing maneuvers for a cheap K.O. with an overpowered character. Other noticeable changes are in the combatants speed and the amount of damage they inflict which have been altered in some characters. For those who wish to keep the current gameplay elements, the option to decline the updated statistics for the fighters is available after the download finalizes. For those that do decide to accept the change, any previously obtained Zack money, avatars or lobby material will remain untouched. With Tecmo having two updates in the books already, it’s only a matter of time until other developers step up to the plate and start delivering much needed upgrades to some of their titles. It can only get better from here.


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