Dead Space 2 Excavation Trailer relives the nightmare

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For those who missed out on the original Dead Space but want to get in on Dead Space 2 come January 25, the new Excavation Trailer is the cure. This trailer also plays at the beginning of the DS2 demo (out now) and offers a brief glimpse not only back but also at what appears to be the beginning of Isaac Clarke’s next saga.

The necromorphs are loose on the Ishimura, the Marker is to blame, and a lone engineer is the derelict station’s only hope. Now he must face the same threat in a new location, the Sprawl, in order to save the lives of others and himself.

It all begins in a hospital, according to the trailer, which shows a brief second of Isaac stumbling from a physician’s chair with his RIG at nearly half-health. This brings up a number of questions posed also by the end of the downloadable short, Dead Space: Ignition, like , "Why is Isaac hospitalized?" and , "What does this mean for his latest mission?"

The suspense may just kill if something else doesn’t do the job first. Look forward to Dead Space 2 on January 25 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms.


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