Dead Space 2: Severed trailer brings back Extraction cast

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The first trailer for Dead Space 2‘s first DLC package, Severed, is a bit of a spoiler in itself. Those who haven’t finished Dead Space: Extraction (boxed in with the collector’s edition PlayStation 3 version of DS2 or separate on the Wii) should take heed.

But for those who have played through Extraction, Severed follows Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock, the two survivors from the colony on Aegis VII. Players will be thrust into the shoes of Gabe, a CEC security officer, who along with Lexine escaped the Ishimura and headed for the assumed solace of The Sprawl. As Isaac found out, there will be no rest on Titan’s space station.

The trailer mostly shows gameplay footage from what looks to be the mining area that Isaac explores late in DS2, so expect to be underground for a good portion of the two chapters that make up this DLC. Also worth noting is the return of the quick, jerky moving stasis-infected necromorphs, last seen on the marine vessel in DS1. Although this DLC reportedly takes place alongside Isaac’s own journey through The Sprawl, it looks like Gabe will be fighting a whole different battle.

Dead Space 2: Severed tears onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE on March 1.


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