Diablo III won't be the end, says Blizzard

diablo samllSome Diablo fans were wondering if Diablo III would be the end of the series and exit as the final chapter in the trilogy.

But anyone worrying about this can put their fears to rest as Jay Wilson, lead designer at Blizzard, assured loyalists that Diablo would continue on.

"We’re not saying this is the end of the Diablo universe, but we are trying to bring this storyline to a close. It’s not just Diablo III — we’ve got plans beyond."

So what can the Diablo faithful look forward to? Wilson explained that retro characters from DI and DII might appear in the new games.

"We also tried to focus a little more on bringing characters back, and not just from Diablo II but from Diablo I. We feel like a lot of the focus is on Diablo II but Diablo I started it all and has a lot of really good stuff on the gameplay side and on the character side. So people can expect to see characters from Diablo I, more characters from Diablo II, and characters from some of the books. We’re definitely going to bring a few of them in."

It looks like Diablo veterans may finally have a chance to play some of the old class characters. But until Blizzard confirms this, we’ll all just have to wait and see. No release date was given for the new game, which is standard fare for Blizzard.

[via 1UP]


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