Dino D-Day available on Steam March 1, 2011, most awesome idea ever


Are you ready to hear about the most awesome game you will ever know? Dino D-Day is a game that will have you fighting resurrected dinosaurs during World War II. I’ll let that sink in for a second as you calm you heart and steel your nerves.

Dino D-Day brings the Allies worst fears to reality: Adolf Hitler has successfully resurrected deadly dinos and is using them to fight in his army. It’s up to you to take the fight back against the Third Reich and their bloodthirsty army. The game will allow you to play as either an Allied soldier or part of the Nazi regime. Allied players can choose from six classes, each with unique skills and weapons. Axis players have three human classes to choose from as well as three dinosaurs to control. 

Dino D-Day was originally a single player mod to the Source engine, but developer 800 North delayed the full release to make a more fleshed out game and focus on multiplayer. The game will release on March 1, 2011 on Steam, blowing your mind out from the back of your skull. If you’re not excited yet, what’s wrong with you?



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