Display 360 gets RRoD at GDC

MunkeeCataclysmic despair! At one of Microsoft’s show floor booths at GDC an Xbox 360 console actually just got the red ring of death. Short of Bill Gates coming down from on high to say the "PS3 rules," I can’t imagine a more embarrassing circumstance for Microsoft.

MS has been touting for a while now that the failure rate of 360s is not nearly as bad as the hype. A gaming sensus company just broke the news to the world that the failure rate probably is as bad as all that. Somewhere around 16 percent.

Despite that though, MS kept singing their tune, until today, when one of their machines died on the show floor. Even when MS had a chance to get brand new machines out there and to hand pick what they wanted, they still couldn’t keep the damned things operational for a few days.

The Xbox 360 is a phenomenal product, but when stuff like this happens, I can’t imagine it’s very reassuring to prospective buyers.

[via Next-gen]


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