Dr. Phil jabbers about Manhunt 2

Dr philRockstar has developed such a controversial reputation that it could probably produce a Teletubbies game that would draw a nc-17 rating. And come to think of it, I kind of want to see that. But I digress, it’s no wonder that Manhunt 2, the snuff-film-esk game is on the hot seat. 

This time, Rockstar has stirred up such a storm that celebrity Dr. Phil has decided to give his two cents about it. On CBS program, The Early Show, Dr. Phil spoke as he watched game journalist Scott Steinberg play the "Sexual Deviance" level of Manhunt 2 on the Wii.

"Clearly it’s not good. The research has been very, very strong over the years that when you’re exposed to violence and when you actually mimic something like this the aggression can go up. Now the truth is, if somebody plays this game and then they go and do this in their life, there was something seriously wrong with them before they got the game."

There, it settles it. Dr. Phil has spoken, and there are no backsies. Essentially what he just said was that video games increase aggression, but do not cause people to mimic them. Ha! Video games DON’T cause violence, psychos cause violence. I knew it!

That’s not saying that kids should just start playing these games though, if it’s NC-17 there’s probably some crazy stuff that can scar kids in there.

via [gamepolitics]


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