DS Wine Game… you know, for snobs

wineglassesIn yet another bizarre move from Japan and EA, out comes Sommelier DS (Pronounced [Suhm-uhl-yey] for anyone that cares), a Japan only game that teaches gamers/users/crazy people how to tell the difference between a Pinot and a Zinfandel, and to make you an expert in all things wine.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably along the lines of WTF? But apparently there’s a market for would-be wine snobs in other countries. Although I can’t help but wonder how classy you’d look whipping out your svelte DS lite to tell your date that her duck would go better with a Chardonnay.

Hell, if you did that in America in a fancy enough place, you might get booted out, or at least a disapproving sniff from the snooty waiter.

Where will we draw the lines on DS peripherals and software? A game on how to stalk women? (Oh wait Japan already has THOSE.) Or an add-on that lets you stack two DS systems together to play one giant 4 screened single-player game? I’m just making stuff up here, but remember if you see it in the wild, you heard it here first.

Cheers to all the new wine-savvy gamers soon to be born.


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