Duke Nukem Game for the DS… Sorta

Duke Nukem fans have waited a decade for Duke Nukem Forever, and are still waiting for it, but there is hope to those who want a Duke game right now. A programmer known as GPF has made a successful port of the 1996 title Duke Nukem 3D over to the Nintendo DS. His efforts to do this weren’t merely for his love of Duke Nukem games, though; he also hopes to win a Neo Flash programming contest.

The program is named DukeDS3 and can be downloaded at GPF’s website; it reportedly runs as smooth as butter. Nintendo can’t be too happy about all of this coding, because Neo Flash is a company which sells add-on accessories to enable the DS to run homebrew code and "other" software — if you catch our drift.

Still, the game is quite the technical feat as it makes use of the system’s touch screen capabilities. Only the bottom screen is used to show the game, while the top displays a DOS-looking prompt.


With additional reporting by Chris Pereira.


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