Dungeon Siege 2 Expansion

It’s been almost a year since the release of Dungeon Siege 2, the hack and slash sequel to (duh) Dungeon Siege. Since its release, it has set the bar for hacking AND slashing. With a planned port to the PSP and the recent announcement of an expansion titled "Broken World" The Dungeon Siege franchise doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. For those of you that have played through DS2, Broken World continues the storyline (which was a bit of a cliffhanger) right where the game left off. This is a continuation, so it’s meant for higher-level players only, although it will give you the ability to create one if necessary. Gas Powered Games has changed owners, but continues to crank out quality content with this latest effort. There are tweaks to the class system, allowing new ways of multiclassing and combining classes. A new army of enemies made from zombie-fied pieces of other enemies put together, as well as all new enemies, of course. Bigger, badder, harder, this whole little adventure is designed to add more depth and challenge to an already somewhat difficult game. Some enemies will self destruct as their last action, trying to take you with them. Spawning enemies will spawn more enemies and hang back to let them fight. Some enemies will even fake death and wait for you to walk unsuspecting over their supposed corpses. There will also be a new race to play as, but details on that have not yet been released. New levels, new effects, and lip synching for characters round out the modifications included in Broken World, and we’re all looking forward to its release and get our ‘siege’ on again.


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