E3 '07: Metal Gear Solid 4 May NOT be exclusive for PS3

MGS4snakeKonami maybe in the decision stages of making a huge move to make Metal Gear Solid 4 available for multiplatform release. (read: Xbox 360) This would mean one more of the PS3’s flagship titles being another casualty of the "Let’s leave the PS3 game exclusive" hit list.

Kazumi Kitaue, head of American and European operations for Konami expressed his thoughts on this to Reuters at E3 by saying ""I wonder if Sony can win back user support by the price cut of just $100. I don’t expect a substantial impact … With $500, you can buy a personal computer. So far, it doesn’t sound too bad for Sony, does it?

But then Kitaure followed this up with, "Since Metal Gear Solid was born for the PlayStation, we would like to keep it a PlayStation game. But we might have to take some steps."

This is pretty much the equivalent of your girlfriend saying to you, "Well, I really love you, but I think we need some space from each other, not that I’m looking around or anything like that…"

Sony, if we were you, we’d get out the crying towels now — just in case.


The rest of the story: Shortly after the news at E3, we picked up a press release on the internet that was attributed to Konami that said the following: 

"Konami Corporation (Konami) is happy to announce the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4."

"Guns of the Patriots will release for the Xbox 360 game console in Q1 2008. The game will release for PlayStation 3 game console soon after, pending the conclusion of a limited exclusivity agreement with Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft). Through joint effort with Microsoft, Konami will bring Xbox 360 gamers exclusive online game content and gameplay modes through the Xbox Live service…"

It sounded almost too good to be true, and it turns out that it was. Konami continues to deny the rumors so we’ll all have to hang in there and see what transpires. Thanks to our GamerNode readers for sniffing out this story.



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