E3 '07: Necrovison

A few months back, we were flown out to San Francisco to cover 1C’s inaugural US press event. The Russian publisher wowed the crowd with a variety of upcoming titles, and being so close to E3, it didn’t seem likely they would have anything too great left over to share.

Come E3, that proved to be wrong. It seems 1C was saving two of their more impressive games for the show; one of them happens to be made with some of the folks behind Serious Sam and Medal of Honor. That game is called Necrovision.

Set during World War I, Necrovision is the story of a young American troop who joins the UK Army in order to do his part in the struggle. He soon finds things aren’t as they seem, however, as the German troops are in league with demons from Hell, zombies, vampires, mad scientists, and all sorts of crazy, lovable folk.

The game plays very much like the Serious Sam franchise. With a variety of cool weapons, you pretty much haul ass and shoot things nonstop. "It is based on adrenaline and ass-kicking," 1C PR manager Anatoly Subbotin confirmed.

The brief demo at E3 highlighted the frantic pace of the title, as well as the obscure (and often hilarious) effect the wondrous enemies have on the gameplay. Basically, think of this as a satire of previous WW1 shooters.

One level took place inside of a bunker, where enemy troops (zombies, this time) were crawling out of a hole in order to attack the main character. Using a giant chaingun, they were quickly dispatched of. After fighting off some normal Germans, we were taken outside, where we encountered the game’s only completed boss at this point: a giant German demon guy in a wheelchair from Hell. He zips around in his rocket powered wheel chair (which is about twice the height of a person), and it’s up to the run-and-gunning American to take him out.

The emphasis of the game is easily keeping things crazy. 1C knows the story is absurd, and that’s why they love it. Will it win any awards? Nah. But Necrovision is looking like it will be the perfect game for a quick impromptu LAN party, or to just play online in order to have some hectic fast-paced action.

Necrovision will be available for the PC and Xbox 360.


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