E3 '07: Resident Evil 5 trailer impressions

re5guyIn July of 2005, Capcom pulled back the curtains and revealed the fifth installment in one of the earliest three dimensional survival horror series in the industry, Resident Evil.

Other than a few scenes of a rugged looking, pistol wielding hero making his way through an unusually quiet village and being chased by multiple seemingly crazed hostiles, fans of the series really weren’t given much in order to fully comprehend the game’s story. However, during both the Sony and Microsoft press conferences, Capcom provided a glimpse of the game to everyone in its current state.

The setting from the previous trailer remains the same, as the unnamed main character is confronted with scores of creepy axe wielding, scythe swinging villagers who appear to have completely lost their minds in what appears to be a small village located in a third world country — possibly somewhere in the nation of Africa.

As for the hero himself, the developers have yet to officially inform us of his name. Speculators believe that the unbelievably muscular man is Chris Redfield (a series veteran who’s been involved in the game’s storyline since the first game), who hasn’t been playable in a Resident Evil installment since Code: Veronica.

Considering the fact that a great majority of the talent behind the title hails from the first game in the series, their desire to work on a game featuring a memorable character that helped start it all is a strong possibility.

In terms of visuals, the game appears to be delivering everything we could’ve hoped for in a next generation Resident Evil. The game is running on the same engine utilized for both Lost Planet and Dead Rising, and it seems that Capcom wasn’t slouching when it improved it even further. The detail on the character models is fantastic (though I could probably do without seeing the hairy chests of the male aggressors) and the lighting isn’t completely over done to the extent where it’s actually blinding.

With a new trailer showing more of the game arriving on the Xbox Live Marketplace on July 26th, I can’t help but hop around the house like an excited Licker thirsty for some of that red stuff that pulses through our veins. If you’re a big fan of the series like I am, chances are you’re doing things like this too.


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