E3 '07: Stuntman Ignition

Stuntman Ignition was a refreshing change from playing the serious racers (and NASCAR). More in the spirit of the Burnout series than the sim titles, the game is all about flash; in a move which many racing fans will never get used to, it also isn’t about being the fastest.

The game revolves around you, a stuntman. You go from studio lot to studio lot, participating in stunt scenes in your car. Throughout the courses there are prompts telling you where to go, action instances, and time extending power-ups.

The action instances are pretty fun. As you race, you’ll see the symbol for them on the ground inside a yellow circle. Drive through it and press Y at the right time, and you’ll activate a mini cut scene showing your car performing some badass stunt (and when the course ends with an action scene, pull it off and get rewarded with a BIG crash). Performing the stunts correctly and when you’re supposed to nets you big points, which leads to victory.

Like I said, this one is all about collecting points. Time plays a big role (you can’t run out), but even Paradigm agreed that in multiplayer battles, you can finish the course last but still win if you did the most (and best) stunts.

If you love the sim racing genre, you will NOT like this one. If you’re a fan of Burnout or any other arcade racers, though, Stuntman Ignition should be a game you look for when it’s released.


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