E3 2010: Microsoft unveils new 360 model

360 slim 

Yesterday afternoon, Mircrosoft unveiled a new model of their Xbox 360 system. Prior to E3, rumors had been swirling about such a reveal, which were mostly inspired by video game analyst Michael Pachter’s predicitons earlier this year. The re-designed 360 is smaller, sleeker, and comes packaged with built-in WiFi and a 250 GB hard drive. Built-in connections and support for Kinect are also available right out of the box, though gamers will have to wait until later this fall to get their hands on the motion-based peripheral.

Mircrosoft confirmed that the new bundle will retail for $299 USD when it arrives in stores later this week. Early reports are estimating that systems will be available as early as Friday, June 18, so check with your local gaming retailers for details.


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2 Comments on "E3 2010: Microsoft unveils new 360 model"

  1. Hamid Abasi June 13, 2014 at 9:20 pm -

    تکلیف ما در ایران چی برادران که تحریم هم هستیم این روزها باور کنید اگر همین 360 رو نداشتیم هیچ بود کارمون خواهش می کنم که به ماکمک کنید تا منی که 16سال با این تکنولوژی زندگی می کنم و امثال من که توی ایران هستند در نمونیم.. برادران

  2. Hamid Abasi June 13, 2014 at 9:32 pm -

    بیشترین کاربران رو در ایران دارید ما گیمر ایرانی تشکر میکنم برای تمام زحمات شبانه روزی شما شما بهترین هستید فوق العاده ترین. Xbox.

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