E3: Alliance Interview

Alliance: The Silent War, developed by Windwardmark, is a jaw-dropping first person shooter that will have you begging for more! Alliance covers over 90 years of combat, starting with WWI and shooting through to the present. We sat down at E3 with lead designer Eric Tulla and asked him a few questions.

GN- Hey thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us Eric.
Eric- No problem.

GN- Alright I’ll start you off with a easy one. Can you tell us a little bit about Windwardmark?
Eric- Sure thing, Windwardmark is a brand new development company and Alliance will be our first title.

GN- Fantastic. Can you tell us a little bit about Alliance?
Eric- Alliance is a first person shooter that will take place you in the middle of conflicts and wars ranging from World War I all the way to the present day, allowing users to play through nintey years of combat. You’ll be playing as multiple characters over multiple years in a family that is more or less a shadow organization that has been perpetrating these conflicts over the years.

GN- With nintey years of combat to be played, there must be a ton of weapons.
Eric- Oh definitely, Alliance will sport up and around 200 authentic weaponry ranging from bolt action rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, carbines, and pistols.

GN- So what inspired such an ambitious project?
Eric- You know this might seem funny but it had to be Gran Turismo. That game had so many cars to choose from and allowed you to fine tune things to perfection. We wanted to create a shooter that did something similar for the FPS genre.

GN- How will that fine tuning come into play in Alliance?
Eric- Right, we’ll we’ve personally tested every weapon in Alliance as well as made sure that the weapons used are as accurate as possible. In Alliance you’ll notice that you’re given a distance meter. If your shots aren’t reaching your target you’ll need to adjust your iron sights for distance to hit that target. This is just one example of the accuracy and realism you’ll find in-game.

GN- I noticed in the demo footage that you can grab bodies and use them as shields. Does that mean that a human body will be able to shield my character from a .50 cal sniper rifle shot?
Eric- No, as stated before we plan on making Alliance as real as humanly possible.

GN- Speaking of realistic, this game looks amazing – what engine did Windwardmark decide to go with when making Alliance?
Eric- We’re proud to say that we developed our own engine in-house for Alliance. The engine will support all high-end Direct X 9 cards and will have plenty of options allowing the lower-end cards to run Alliance with ease. We’ll be using a new unified lighting system in that will really make the scenery and weaponry come to life.

GN- What can you tell us bout Alliance‘s enemy A.I.?
Eric- You know they actually love running into walls….just kidding! (Laughs) The enemies found in Alliance will run and duck for cover, they’ll try to flank you, they’ll plan out attacks and require you to think before you attack.

GN- How long has Alliance been in development? When was it announced?
Eric- Alliance was announced during the first day of E3 at our booth this year. The game itself has been in development for over a year now.

GN- Ok….when can gamers get a hold of the game?
Eric- We’re shooting (no pun intended) for a 2007 release.


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