E3: Portal: Still Alive announced, stays announced

Portal Still AliveWe reported earlier today that a video leak accidentally announced a new version of Portal coming to Xbox Live.

Called Portal: Still Alive, we had hardly any information regarding the new game at the time. However Microsoft has announced the game officially at their press conference, and we now know a lot more.

The game will not be a full sequel to the original, but it will have new levels, and an expanded single player campaign. The game will also be exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade, and will debut this fall.

I sure hope this doesn’t become an ongoing pattern. This is pretty similar to what happened with Microsoft and "N". When they turned it into N+ they just slapped a couple new levels on it and billed you $10 bucks for what you really already had.

I guess what is most distressing about this is that we’re powerless to stop this money train MS has going. I can speak out against things like N+ and Portal: Still Alive, but at the end of the day, I’ll probably buy them too. Look for it on Live in the very ambiguous time period of "this Fall."


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