E3 Preview: Dark Void

E3 08The original developers of Crimson Skies, FASA studio, may not exist anymore, but they live on, quite literally, in Airtight Studios. With their first title, Dark Void, Airtight might receive a bit of criticism for creating another third-person Gears of War clone. Hopefully that criticism will be retracted quickly after players see that the game has more in common with the comic book hero The Rocketeer than big burly space marines drowning in their own testosterone. No offense to the latter, of course.

For a game with a mid-2009 release date, Dark Void looked and played fantastic. Jumping in and out of cover and using blind-fire felt as natural as it does in other similar titles such as Dark Sector and Gears of War. Using the jet pack to reach higher ledges and engage in air-to-ground combat opened up the combat – making the gameplay feel far less linear than the offerings found in the aforementioned competition.

Read the full preview HERE


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