E3 Preview: Dead Space

Dead Space was one of the few games Kyle, Eddie and I all agreed on wanting to see when we got to E3. The mixture of survival horror, sci-fi, and all of the elements trying to truly immerse players in gameplay intrigued and excited all three of us. Kyle and Eddie unfortunately didn’t get a chance to check Dead Space out, but after playing it for a while (and getting my ass kicked by it several times) I have to say it’s still near the top of my "Games I MUST Get!" list.

One of the most unique elements of Dead Space is the way the game is presented. EA Redwood Shores wanted players to be fully immersed in the story of engineer Isaac Clarke, so there’s no in-game menu or displays of any sort. The health is displayed on Isaac’s back in the form of lights, ammo is displayed on weapons, and even the inventory screen is a hologram opening in realtime. What that means is that unlike other survival horror titles, in Dead Space there’s no stopping the action to situate your inventory or plan an escape.


Read the full preview HERE


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