E3: Too Human Hands On

If I had to choose only one home-console company that really pushed their games into the spotlight at E3, my choice would definitely be Microsoft. Too Human is just one of many new games that is appearing to be a very well made and innovative title. It just so happens that GamerNode got a chance to play it.

Too Human is a fresh concept straight from Silicon Knights and developed exclusively for the Xbox 360. In development since the original Playstation, the Silicon Knights team has put tremendous effort into making the Too Human Trilogy one of the best adventure games thus far on the Xbox 360. And as of E3 2006, they are doing quite a fine job of completing their goal.

The game tells a story of Baldur, a cybernetic god that is obligated to protect the world from harm. In the beginning of the story, humans are clasped in a brutal war with a rekindled breed of mechanical fiends. As the story goes, it is Baldur,s responsibility to lead the war against the rampant machines by using high powered guns and sharp-edged blades.

I began in a level that took place inside of a large building with colossal passageways and marbled floors; very fancy indeed. A cut scene begins (amazingly with no pre-rendered or CGI graphics) and introduces Baldur. Without notice, chaos breaks loose in the large room that you,re located in and you and your team are left to defeat the robotic foes. Even as the cut scene shows the enemies breaking through the walls and ceilings to achieve your death, you are able to use your guns to get a head start on defeating them. Interactive cut scenes make the events so much more interesting, since it breaks away from the norm. Once the cut scene ended, the real fun started and I was absorbed into the game.

Playing as Baldur, I had two forms of weapons to bestow a quick death to all of the crack-head cybernetic beings; guns and massive swords. The left and right triggers were used to shoot your artillery. The right thumb stick was used for your melee-sword combat, pointing the stick in the respective direction you wish to strike, pierce, bash, and generally eradicate your enemies. Utilizing the left and right bumpers, you can leap into the air and then choose to either shoot or quarrel with your enemies while in the regression of your flight. Combos are relatively simple to pull-off, and quite compelling also.

At the lower right-hand side of the screen you have a circular meter separated into quadrants. As you kick some enemy ‘bootay,, that meter eventually fills up, allowing you to use that energy to discharge an extraordinary move. There was only one available move in the playable demo; however that did not stunt anything, it just left me with more desire to play the game further. When I activated the single special move, Baldur crouched down with guns in hand and at his side. A blue spirit shot out of his body and released a radius of explosive power, knocking enemies to the ground faster than a nuke flattens a city. Out of nowhere, Baldur discharged from his crouched position and released hell from his firearms while rising. This special, intricate move was very splendid and effective; killing a hefty sum of enemies in the course of action.

From a graphical standpoint, the game was equally as impressive. Too Human uses superb lighting effects to improve upon an already gorgeous and realistic environment and character build. The end result leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, and your eyes hungry for more. Everything sounds good so far, but what about the camera system? You know… that one minor detail that can completely drive a good game right into the ground? Well, the game has an artificial intelligent camera system that pursues the action all on its own. The camera is smart; it operates on its own so all you have to worry about is slaughtering those damned robots.

When I completed the demo, I was kind of depressed. In a small amount of time my brain formed some sort of addiction and I wanted more Too Human. In a way, though, I was satisfied. The game has proved to be more than just a pretty face, and it has gained my respect. Set to release in the Holiday season on 2006, Too Human will be a sizzling game that both hardcore and typical gamers will enjoy – mark my words.


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