EA calls out Rockstar

Grand Theft ScratchyIf you can’t take it, don’t dish it. I think that goes without saying. As you’ve probably already heard, Rockstar got their panties in a bunch over a satirical GTA reference in The Simpsons game. Surprising, because Rockstar does enormous amounts of comical parody themselves.

In fact, Rockstar expects irritable Jack Thompson to play it cool about their parody with him… but they’re getting fumed over Grand Theft Scratchy? Come on, fellas.

EA developers Matt Selman and Matt Warburton recently spoke out with their perspective of the situation. Selman breaks down the joke for Rockstar in laymans terms by stating "[Marge] tries to clean up the town and stop [Grand Theft Scratchy] from being distributed in Springfield because Marge is against video game violence. She uses horrific violence to stop video game violence… in a video game. That’s called irony… The people who make Grand Theft Auto, they spazzed out like little babies."

I’m disappointed in Rockstar. When South Park made fun of Family Guy, I didn’t hear all this back and forth — they took it (mostly) in good humor.

via [gamepolitics]


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