EA considering micro transactions for Spore

sporeJohn Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts, is already thinking out loud about how his company can squeeze a few more dollars out of your wallet when Spore is eventually released in about a month.

Riccitiello spoke at an investor’s conference call and mulled over the possibility of charging gamers for additional items and objects. He said micro transactions would help to "monetise, if you will, body parts, plant parts, car parts and planets as a way to generate incremental revenue on an installed base of several million active users."

The business term "Monetise," means, "bleed them dry" in everyday terms, we believe. But Riccitiello pulled himself back and said that he may be putting the cart in front of the horse.

"But it’s a little bit like pool. I’m afraid if we spend too much time setting up the second shot, we’ll miss the first shot. I would love to imagine that two years from now or a year from now the debate is whether or not we need a ‘Spore’ label inside of EA.

EA’s CEO must be having dreams of another Sims-like franchise monster with Spore. But as he said, first things first. Let’s see if Spore turns out to be a success or not. And if it is, it sounds like we’ll be having Spore coming out of our ears if EA has anything to say about it.

[via gamesindustry.com]


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