EA exec says console market alive and well.

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In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore asserted that, despite growing sentiment to the contrary, the console gaming industry is alive and well.

“The console business is still a core part of our business; it’s the majority of our business. The demise of console gaming is very premature as far as we’re concerned,” said Moore. “We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives.”

Moore expanded upon his point, saying that despite some setbacks, like Medal of Honor not meeting its numbers, there is still room for confidence in the continued survival of the gaming market. According to Moore, “people still want core games.”

“People want to sit back in their living rooms, take advantage of their HDTVs, and and play fully immersive games like Battlefield 4,” said Moore, plugging the upcoming EA shooter.

When asked about what changes will come in the wake of the resignation of EA’s CEO John Riccitiello, Moore expressed nothing but confidence in the future of the company, despite its failure to execute in the previous fiscal year. Moore did not comment on the question of who would be the next CEO of the company, but did state that EA stands in a strong position moving forward.

“The future CEO will focus on pure execution because all the ingredients are there; we have the world’s best developers, we have a tremendous publishing pipeline, and we’ve made the hard decisions about our platform in developing. I think the strategy in place is the right strategy for this company for the future because we made the hard calls early,” concluded Moore.

[Bloomberg TV]


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