EA upset over used game sales. Online fees coming?

used gamesIf you don’t mind waiting a few weeks or months to nab a good game, going to the bargain bin or used games section of your favorite game store can save you some money over full retail prices.

But not everyone is happy about this; namely Electronic Arts.

EA is groaning that used game sales of its titles don’t make them one thin dime because vendors that sell them reap all the profits for themselves. EA is mad and is trying to think up a way to make buying used games not as attractive.

What does this mean for gamers? EA is considering a new business model that will force consumers to pay not just for the game itself, but pay for additional online services and content to make the game "complete."

Jens Uwe, general manager for EA Europe said:

"What we’re trying to do is build business models that are more and more online-supported with additional services and additional content that you get online. So people will see the value in not just getting that physical disc to play at home alone, but actually playing those games online and paying for them."

Used sales are part and parcel of the gaming community and serves not only as a function to extend play value to others, but helps to drive the game industry economy through increased foot traffic; used games draw people into game stores, which leads to sales of new games as well.

The move by EA to enact extra charges to play the full content of a game only shows that EA has missed the point about publishing games; if you make excellent games for your customers, you won’t have to worry about second hand sales.

[via gamesindustry]


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