eBay Prices of PS3 Plunge While the Wii Soars

If the recent pricing activity of the Wii and PlayStation 3 are any indication of what is in store for the two next-gen game consoles, one may be headed to the winner’s circle while the other struggles just to make a showing at the finish line.

PS3 sellers, who once commanded prices of $1800 or more from desperate buyers on eBay, have now found themselves in the dubious position of actually experiencing a tremendous downturn in winning bids. The going price for the PS3 is now hovering around $650–a mere $50 more than the retail price of the premium PS3 machine. During the PS3’s initial launch period, eBay sellers were getting top dollar for Sony’s game console, in addition to tacking on exorbitant shipping prices.

With the apparent drop in demand for the PS3, many eBay peddlers of Sony’s next-gen console are now offering free or reduced shipping in order to move the overstocked item. While bidding activity does exist, it is in direct contrast to the frenzy which once surrounded the sale of the console.

The Wii–which has been in constant demand since its launch in November–not only continues to sell well on eBay, but also showcases an average winning bid of around $400 for the system, which retails for $250. Listings for the Wii occupy 36 pages on eBay, with a healthy number of bids occupying the first five bid pages and additional bids bringing up the rear.

The strength of sales figures for the Wii on eBay may be a reflection of its growing popularity with the general public, while the PS3 seems to be incurring a lack of sustained interest by the consumer. If this scenario continues, Sony will have to regroup in order to recapture the imagination–and wallets–of the gaming community.


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