Editorial: GameCube Lives!

By Jesse Wingert, GN Senior Writer

One could say that the GameCube is as dead as a door knob. At first glance, that’s the way the situation appears to be laid out. A new generation for Nintendo is right around the corner, leaving the past generation, well… in the past. As an attendee of E3 this year, I saw no indication of a second wind for Nintendo’s Gamecube, mainly because there wasn’t a single Cube in sight. Sure there was a playable demo of Twilight Princess, but not for GameCube – it was for the Wii. As it appears, our dearly loved little cube has been pushed aside by everybody to make way for the much anticipated Wii.

However, take a closer look and see right through the over-embellished death of the GameCube. Sure, the game releases have slowed down a tad… but nonetheless, there are still releases. We aren’t talking about the next Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi release; we are talking about large scale blockbuster releases that will make you and your GameCube appear as two peas in a pod again. Here is a list of games that you can look forward to popping into your favorite purple box later this year.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Release Date: Holiday 2006)

Before you mention the fact that the game is coming out on Wii with widescreen mode and features the use of the Wii remote, I want to silence you. First of all, the Wii version isn’t going to include any extra content compared to the GameCube version. Second of all, GameCube owners have been waiting a very long time for this Zelda game.

There is absolutely no slouch in terms of graphics, as the game is drop dead gorgeous – it very well should have first rate graphics because of the countless delays Nintendo has brought upon this game. In addition, there are probably many Zelda fans that will refuse to play with the new Wii controller. If so, the Gamecube version is the way to go. If you are a true diehard Zelda fan, like me, you will probably march right into your local game store and march back out with the Gamecube and the Wii version of the game in your hands.

Baten Kaitos Origins (Release Date: September 25th)

Landing as a direct prequel, the events in the game takes place twenty years before the original Baten Kaitos. The genre of Baten Kaitos falls into the RPG Card grouping, since the battle system involves the use of cards. But everything in this new Baten Kaitos title has been revamped, including the battle system. The graphics received an upgrade, the control system has gotten better, and the plot has its fair share of exciting moments.

In Baten Kaitos, you play as Sagi, a member of the empire’s "Elite" force of fighters. Sagi decides to embark on a quest to resolve the reason behind mysterious changes that has been appearing throughout the world. The real twist is that you don’t actually play as Sagi like you would play as the main character of other RPGs; instead, you play as a spirit that exists in Sagi. The spirit represents Sagi’s true self and gives advice to Sagi as the game develops.

Tomb Raider: Legend (Release Date: Fall 2006)

Usually no one would care about another Tomb Raider title, but there is an exception this time – Tomb Raider: Legend is actually a good game! Unlike Angel of Darkness, released in 2003, Tomb Raider: Legend is a very enjoyable game. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, the game introduces a jump start to the series and may just be the best Tomb Raider title to date. Laura has new character animations and control schemes, as well as seamless attention to level details. The game packs in a plethora of new weapons and devices to aide Laura in her all-new adventure. In addition, Crystal Dynamics has hinted at exclusive content for GameCube owners.

Super Paper Mario (Release Date: October 9th)

The announcement of Super Paper Mario was a surprise at E3 this year and it put a rest to those horrifying rumors that ‘the GameCube is dead’. Paper Mario is officially back, but this time the game takes place in a side scrolling world action, opposed to a RPG universe. Mario, Peach and Bowser have somehow been forced into an alternate reality, and they must work together to find their way back home. The side scrolling design not only displays things from the side-view, but in just one touch of a button you can rotate the camera and reveal everything in its 3-D form.











Donkey Kong Bongo Blast (Release Date: Holiday 2006)

It’s time to dust off your Bongos and get ready for Donkey Kong Bongo Blast! Appearing as a racing title, the game puts you in control of the rocket propelled bongo drums. To gain speed, you must stay in rhythm with the beats as you pound on your Bongos. The faster and more controlled your beat is, the more speed that Donkey Kong gains; sending him soaring through the jungle.


So there you have it! Besides Twilight Princess, no one really saw any of these other titles coming. Nintendo sure does know how to make us bolt from the blue. One second we are digging a 6 foot hole in the ground to bury our GameCubes, and the next we are literally playing with it. Ah well…


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