Eidos loves in-game advertising

swat 4 adEidos Interactive announced a three-year partnership with in-game advertising company called Double Fusion today. The deal will bring in-game advertising to 10 upcoming Eidos games; all the games are currently in-development but no titles were revealed.

The in-game advertising will come in a few flavors, including dynamically-changed ads (which can change on the fly), to product placements to "deep integrations".

Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive of Eidos, said, "This is an exciting and innovative opportunity for Eidos, we’re delighted to be working with Double Fusion and we fully believe that our titles will offer the perfect platform for the right media partners."

In a related story, Double Fusion released a "landmark study" about the efficiency of in-game advertising. Key figures include:

  • 75% of gamers engage with at least one ad per minute across most, but not all, game types. 81% of gamers engage at least every other minute.
  • Less cluttered ads are three times more effective on attracting gamers’ attention than cluttered or within cluttered environments.
  • Eye-level placed ads are better than large sized ads.

Jonathan Epstein, President and CEO of Double Fusion, said, "Double Fusion’s ad effectiveness research validates what many have assumed but never proven – that gamers not only notice ads in games but are impacted by them positively, increasing their intent to buy… this is the first study which looks at the medium across a wide range of titles and ad formats."

So what are your opinions on in-game advertising?


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