Eidos Montreal working on secret game: Thief 4?

thiefgarrettRemember when we reported on that Deus Ex 3 is being worked on by Eidos Montreal? Having thoroughly enjoyed Deus Ex and liked Deus Ex 2, hearing of the third game certainly peaked my interest.

According to a cryptic message on Eidos Montreal’s website, the developer could be working on another game to a classic franchise.

The message simply states, "Eidos-Montreal is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd "AAA" project… A hint! The title begins with the letter "T".’ Some speculation can rule out that this AAA project would be based on a current and existing franchise (or else this isn’t much of a hint) right off the bat.

So just thinking about other possible series that begins with T from Eidos Interactive, Tomb Raider or TimeSplitters (now owned by EA), the last choice is Thief!

The last game in the series, Deadly Shadows, was released in 2004. Since Eidos Montreal is working on Deus Ex 3, could they also be working on another game to a classic series?

Or, you know, it could all be a giant ruse.

[Via Blue’s News]


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