Elebits Hands-On Preview

Imagine a world where we know not of coal, gas or nuclear power. Where energy comes from small mischievous animals that came into our world on lightning bolts, providing us with power for thousands of years – yet now they need to be captured. Think it can’t happen? Oh, guess again my friends, guess again.

Welcome to the world of Elebits.

These Pikmin-like creatures have been living with man for 10,000 years, and they make the world go round. It’s up to you to find the little buggers for the sake of getting power for all of us.

The game might be best described (loosely) as being a cross between Pokemon Snap and Point Blank. Players don’t actually have an on-screen avatar, just a reticle which, with the Wii’s innovative control scheme, allows for some new ways of moving about in-game. The nunchuck attachment is used to move around, while the Wiimote is used for pointing where your reticle goes. Players will rip apart kitchens and other locales, looking for the resourceful little creatures. When the reticle is locked on to something, you simply press a button to suspend the object, and then move the Wiimote to toss it. Repeat this process to find the Elebits hiding just about anywhere.

The game plays better and is funner that it might sound, and honestly, it doesn’t sound half bad. This is one of those Katamari-like titles where the violence is at a minimum, and kids and adults alike can enjoy the game. It’s win-win, or rather Wiin-Wiin. (Sorry, trying to fill a bad pun quote on a per article basis.) Expect some gameplay elements to make you think a little bit while playing, such as levels where you have to sneak up on the Elebits, not making any noise so that you can capture them. Another example is having to complete some sort of puzzle before you can find the Elebits.

One of the main draws to this game will be the multiplayer mode, where up to four players can play at once. In the multiplayer mode one player controls the movement on-screen, while the others shoot and capture the Elebit; they’ll have a set amount of time to find as many of the Elebits as they can. All in all, the game is shaping up to be unique experience for the Wii, and a good example of what the Wii’s control system can provide in terms of innovative gameplay.

As Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management for Konami Digital Entertainment explained, "The Wii’s innovative controller allows us to explore new game concepts that were not previously possible, and Elebits reflects this new freedom of design with gameplay that is easy for gamers of all ages to enjoy. Introducing original gameplay elements, Elebits provides players with unprecedented control over the environment and a new level of freedom in choosing how to best accomplish their goals."

Over the past few months, Konami has been fairly quiet when it comes to this title. Be sure to check GamerNode in the future for further information on Elebits.


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