Enhancements to Wii for Hardcore Gamers Coming

Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down for an interview with GamePro where he discussed a myriad of things, from his days in college to his thoughts on the Wii. One topic of particular interest included the fact that, prior to launching in the US, the legendary game creator was worried about having to fight an uphill battle.

"Well, the Wii is selling very well here in America and it’s maintaining some very strong momentum–that has me extremely happy! Personally, I prepared myself for the possible reality that the Wii might face an uphill battle in America, so to see that it has become this big of a hit here and that it’s selling as well as it is in Japan is a huge relief. It’s left me very excited and it’s something that I wasn’t particularly expecting."

When questioned about the future of hardcore gaming on the Wii, Miyamoto reiterated that he feels the "pointing" technology of the system will work well for hardcore games. Additionally, he revealed that "there are also other enhancements to the Wii interface and developments being planned that are going to really make games for hardcore players a lot more fun and interesting."

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of enhancements the Wii will see. What could potentially raise some eyebrows is the term "developments" — could there be some sort of hardware upgrade in the works?


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