Enough Already: Franchises That Should Call It Quits

Today I will be continuing my spontaneous semi-mini-quasi-series on videogame sequels. Last week I listed a a handful of sequels that don’t yet exist, but definitely should be on my consoles…now. I don’t think my words will be as pleasant this week, because these are the franchises that have too many sequels, and should probably just call it quits already (or change significantly).

Without further ado:

World War 2 games

This isn’t directed at any franchise in particular, but developers really need to think of something new to make games about. World War 2 games got old years ago, but somehow they’re still released by the truckloads – and they’re not interesting anymore. Even Call of Duty, the poster child for WW2 games, has departed from that stale and overused subject matter. It’s 2008, and there are already 2008 WW2 games. Give it a rest, already.

Final Fantasy

I’m expecting a lot of heat from this one, but honestly, since when is Final Fantasy even a series? I think Square Enix should just continue to focus on completely new and original IP, rather than re-implementing much of the same old tired gameplay and conventions of the franchise, which they have begun to do in recent years. (applause) Sure, give us RPGs, but make them unique and fresh – and don’t pretend that they have anything to do with previous entries if they are completely stand-alone titles, and don’t handcuff yourselves with an obligation to stick by those old conventions with each new game. Ceasing the FF cycle will allow creativity to blossom even further. I mean, how “final” is it when every new game, regardless of genre or subject matter, has the same title?

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was an incredible game when it was first released in 1999. It was the first time skateboarding was ever explored with such depth in the form of a video game, and was executed nearly perfectly. Fans ate it up and critics fell in love. The first and second sequels to the game expanded upon the formula established by the original game, and the series steadily improved. By the fourth time around, things had become stale, and Neversoft decided to branch off into the realm of the action/adventure game – the mediocre kind. Now, after TEN titles in EIGHT years, the last SEVEN of which have been progressively inferior, the franchise has become one of the top examples of the term “milking.” Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and Tony Hawk games.

Dynasty Warriors

Those who know my video game tastes are well aware that I’m not a big Dynasty Warriors fan. To put it bluntly, the franchise is boring, bland, un-inventive, and just plain old. None of the 9+ entries has ever cracked the 80% mark on meta-review sites, and even when the series departed from its ancient Chinese subject matter to incorporate the game was still sub-par. I would really like to see a different game come along that does the one-man-vs-hundreds-of-soldiers-on-the-battlefield- at-once thing the right way (by that i mean actually fun and NOT boring), thus forcing Dynasty Warriors into a long-overdue retirement.

Mario Kart

Here’s another one that will be defended until the end of time, and although it hurts me to say it, the Mario Kart franchise has lost its luster. Gone is the speed of former installments, and stupidly overdone handicapping is apparently not going away anytime soon. Sure online play is a great addition, and any Mario Kart fan will begin to drool at just the thought of a trans-Atlantic red shell shot, but if competition is stifled as a result of deteriorated game design, what is the point? Remember the old days, and everything BEFORE Double Dash? I sure do.

Sonic Anything

Sonic Games have been awful for years now. Please stop, and let the little guy keep what is left of his ever-shrinking dignity.


That’s just a few selections, so you guys can fill in the rest in the comments section. Love my picks? Hate ’em? Let us know.


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