Episodes, Episodes

Valve is keeping busy it seems. Earlier this week, they announced the release date and Steam pre-load for Sin’s first episode, and now they have launched the promotional website for the first episode in the Half-Life 2 series. http:/ep1.half-life2.com has the details, and while they are somewhat sparse, there are some interesting details. Besides the Media page where you can see screenshots and video trailers, there is also the plot synopsis listed on the site: "Consciousness returns. Gordon and Alyx discover they’ve somehow escaped both the reactor explosion and the G-Man’s malevolent grasp. Before they can ponder their miraculous survival, the crippled Citadel lurches back to life just long enough to initiate a self-destruct sequence. With Alyx at his side, Gordon must flee a city in chaos before the Citadel’s final detonation turns City 17 into a toxic, mutant-infested crater." Pretty exciting, huh? The plot is just begging to be cracked open after the unsatisfying ending of Half-Life 2. The site gives June 1st as the date that the game expansion will be released on both Steam and in retailers (just like Sin). With Valve’s experimentation into new game release techniques, as well as one of the most anticipated expansions ever, this should be an exciting few months for the prolific and beloved studio.


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