ESA: Cool stats about games and gamers

esa logoThe Entertainment Software Association released their annual fact sheets about the computer and video game industry.

Contained within the report are many different statistics, including who plays and buys video games, how long do gamers play, the top-selling games and genres and other neat figures.

So if you want to get a look on how the industry is doing or just laugh at the hardcore gamers, some more tidbits are below.





  • The average game player’s age is 33 years old. 28% are under 18, 47% are between 18-49 and 24% are over 50.
  • 62% of gamers are male, 38% are female. Surprisingly, there are more women age 18 or older gamers (31%) than boys age 17 and younger gamers (20%).
  • 33% of American homes own a video game console.
  • In online games, 53% players are male, 47% are female.
  • Average age of "the most frequent game purchaser" is 38.
  • 13 is the average number of years of adult gamers who have been playing video games. 14 is the average for males, 11 is the average for females.
  • 91% of the time, parents are present when games are purchased or rented.
  • 55% of parents believe gamers are a positive aspect for children.
  • The average age of a gamer parent is 40 years old.
  • 93% of parents who play video games also have children playing too.
  • Top 5 best selling video game genre by units sold in 2006: Strategy (27.5%), Sports (17%), Racing (10.8%), Shooter (10.6%) and Role Playing (9.5%).
  • Top 5 best selling computer game genre by units sold in 2006: Strategy (35.4%), Role Playing (13.9%), Family Entertainment (12.7%), Shooter 10.9%) and Adventure (5.7%).


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