EVE Online takes a step towards virtual reality

Oculus Rift demo photo

By now, it’s nearly impossible not to have heard about the Oculus Rift. It’s the promising new virtual reality headset which gained exposure and monetary backing through the increasingly popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

High profile game developers such as Gabe Newell, John Carmack and Cliff Bleszinski have thrown their support behind this new hardware endeavor, as have many big name game studios. EVE Online creators, Crowd Control Productions, more commonly known as CCP, look to possibly add their name to that list. They did, after all, contribute funding for project.

Today, at the EVE Fanfest 2013, CCP showed off what a deep space dogfight might look in the world of their popular sci-fi MMO.

According to EVE Online fansite, The Mittani, who were in attendance for today’s event, “The Executive Producer of EVE Online (Jon Lander), hosted a special demo … for representatives of the press at Fanfest on Thursday afternoon. The contents of this demo have been under embargo – until now.”

Obviously, the most impressive aspect of this demo doesn’t translate when viewed from a typical screen, but this video still provides an idea of how the developers are experimenting with their Oculus Rift developer kits.

You can read more about The Mittani’s first-hand impressions of today’s demo through their website.



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