Fable 2? How about 3, 4, and 5? Molyneux talks.

Fable 2Fable II is still three months away from release, and already Peter Molyneux has been caught talking about the next three games in the series. In an interview with GameTrailers, he discussed the links between the first two games, as well as the learning process from one game to the next.

"I realized during making Fable 2 what atrocious mistakes I’ve made in the past… I don’t think I was skilful enough to make Fable 1 better, but I learned so much from the mistakes in Fable 1 and that is what I’m proudest about in Fable 2."

"We’ve got plans for Fable 3, 4 and 5. It’s a big story arc and you can see that if you play Fable 2 you’ll recognize things from Fable 1."

The Lionhead big shot went on to mention a secret project in the works at the studio, and although he refused to comment on that, he noted his desire to "one day" create either a sports or driving game.

"There is another project at Lionhead that we’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s kinda the result of an experiment that went incredibly well, and we thought this has got to go be a game. I can’t say anything about it at all.

I’ve always been fascinated by challenges and I’ve always said to myself that one day I should really do a sports game. Simply because it seems like a genre that’s locked in stone. Same with driving games. What I want is the game I do next to be a really big challenge."

Hmm, I wonder how the Molyneux style could be applied to sports and driving games..

[via GameTrailers]


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