Factor 5 blames reviewer bias for Lair scores

LairAs you may have noticed, the mega-hyped PS3 title Lair hasn’t exactly been receiving glowing reviews, but developer Factor 5 thinks they can explain that. You see, it’s not their fault.

Project director Julian Eggebrecht had this to say:

"That is exactly the kick of creating a first-year game: exploring the not-yet-finished hardware and growing the technology while the hardware is coming together. I think both Rogue Leader and Lair gave a good stab at poking into the depths of the systems for such early titles, and from that you have a second-generation growth opportunity that surpasses most developers that jump onto the bandwagon later."

He hasn’t passed the buck yet, though.

"The Sixaxis motion control itself feels a lot more organic and free-form than the rigid controls of other flight games and does much better for casual players, as we saw in focus tests. It does seem to alienate some reviewers who are at the top of the hard-core crowd and seem to have a passionate hate for all things motion."

Ahh, there it is. Reviewers don’t like Lair because its motion controls are too casual – not because it’s a terrible game.

I’d like to see Brendon’s response to that claim, because somehow I feel he would beg to differ.


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