Faith Fighter: Knee-jerk reactions GO!

Faith FightersSometimes content is released that has a higher agenda than simply being entertaining. It’s commonly known (or is it?) that games are used to educate and advertise, but how often are they used to address pressing issues?

Faith Fighter, no not that Faith Fighter, is a flash game developed by Molleindustria where, according to the website’s own description, you "choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies." You can choose between God, Jesus, Buddha, Ganesha, Budai, and Muhammad. To no one’s surprise, the game features a disclaimer before you play the game that says:

"This game is not intended to be offensive towards any religion in particular. Its aim is to push the gamers to reflect on how the religions and sacred representations are often instrumentally used to fuel or justify conflicts between nations and people."

The part that actually surprised me is what comes after:

"The game contains a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. If you feel that such a depiction would be offensive, we ask that you play the censored version of the game in which the character’s face has been removed. Or better yet, don’t play the game at all."

As points out, this is included because of a little something called the Danish Muhammad cartoon controversy. Gee, come on guys, take a joke… You don’t see Tom Cruise getting pissed when someone makes fun of misunderstands his religion, do you?

So what do you think? Are you offended? Do you want to book a flight to Italy just to slap the devs in face with your grandmother’s autographed copy of the Qur’ān? Do you instead want to fly to Italy and buy the devs some balloons to show your appreciation?

FYI: If you like this you might like Bible Fight.

[via Kotaku]


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