Fan-made Duke Nukem short gets steamy

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Gaming’s favorite cigar-smoking, loud-mouthing, gun-toting badass has gotten a solid bit of fan service with this new independently made short film. The problem for Duke fans? The star is a stripper.

The majority of the video, titled "The Duke: Fate of Humanity" and posted on Christmas Day, shows off a young dancer’s moves as she performs for the Duke, but not much of the iconic video game hero is really seen. He lights his cigar, gives her some change, and runs out of the building with a big pistol, but that’s about it. "Teaser" is truly the best description.

The makers of the film, New Dawn, have said they have big aspirations for a feature length film (maybe starring the Duke) with "good action", and given the production quality of the short it’s a probable reality. But this little bit of tribute to one of gaming’s bad boys is short on action and long on stripping – for better or for worse.

For more real Duke action, the gaming community will have to wait for Gearbox to unveil another glimpse.



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