Far Cry 2 map editor is outrageous. NO limits

far cry 2Two of a gamer’s most sought after feelings are likely to be the ability to feel like God and the ability to destroy without moral or legal ramifications. Well, now it seems Far Cry 2 will fill both of these desires with its fabulous map editor.

When the words "map editor" are uttered, many gamers think of something akin to Halo 3’s Forge, where gamers can "make there own levels" by moving around spawn points and weapons, nothing more. For the guys at Ubisoft, however, this just wasn’t enough. So, they are giving gamers full control of their levels, giving tools that, before, were only available to level designers.

The map editor feature was demonstrated in a video where God like powers are shown off from raising mountains, carving river paths, and placing houses and vegetation to controlling the climate and overall weather.

Editors are also given a wide variety of props, vehicles, and weapons to place, a number that may seem daunting at first.

And the best thing is that all this starts with a clear flat slate, nothing more, and nothing less. This means that players can construct their own worlds; where before most of the level had been previously constructed.

At the same time, the easy controls make it easy for anyone to use their imagination to fill the virtual canvas. And afterwards, if you think what you have done is not up to par, you can do what most great artists do and destroy your masterpiece with a bit of fire and some hand grenades.

Ubisoft has not created a level editor. They have, instead, gone beyond that and constructed a level creator.

To see the alternate (and better) video of the map editor in full action, click here.

[via xbox360fanboy]



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