Fifa '08 running at 60 FPS on 360 AND PS3

Ever since EA announced at last month’s E3 that all of its titles developed for the Xbox 360 would run at a smooth 60 frames per second while performance on Sony’s machine would only be at a steady 30 FPS. What gives?

The corporate giant never really explained exactly why this is currently the case other than feeding gamers the excuse that both editions of a title take advantage of each platform’s strengths. In addition, they claimed that the final product for both consoles is the best they can create.

Well, it now seems that the situation solely concerns Madden ’08, as the company announced today at GC that all soccer fanatics will be playing Fifa ’08 on both consoles at 60 frames per second.

It’s not a far out assumption to say that the company was fairly inexperienced working with Sony’s box from the get go in the development of the latest edition of Madden.

But really, would it have really been that big of an issue for them to outright claim that was the case?



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