Film Director Uwe Boll Boils

Our favorite worst movie director, Uwe Boll, who has the distinction of making such stinker game movies as Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne, had a few words to say about why his movies haven™t been as popular as he thinks they should have been. According to Boll, the cause of bad box office receipts is not due to his bad directing or the questionable selection of film fodder. Boll attributes the failure of his movies to the game companies. In an interview given to Eurogamer, Boll vented his frustrations about his under-performing films by saying, "A lot of videogame companies are wrong in how they support videogame-based movies, because they get a fee for the license and then don’t do anything to promote the movie." If we may humbly make an observation–game companies will probably support their tie-in movies if the movies are first of all, good. But we digress. Boll continued to blast his phasers by taking aim at Atari,


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