Final Fantasy VII Remake in December for PS3

During last year,s E3 convention, Square Enix teased and troubled millions of Final Fantasy fans by demonstrating a PS3 video version of one of FF VII,s most memorable cut scenes involving the characters Cloud and Aeris. After the opened mouthed audience regained their composure at the real-time demo, clamors for information on a PS3 remake of FF VII immediately began to take hold. Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix, immediately dashed the hopes of the FF faithful by stating categorically that Square had no intentions or plans in doing the remake. The crowds were disappointed, but Wada,s proclamation that no FF VII for the PS3 was in the works only caused more gamers to speculate otherwise.

Now, it would seem the cat has inadvertently been let out of the bag. Electronic superstore Best Buy has been found to be holding the proverbial smoking gun. On their website, a product page clearly lists a game named “Final Fantasy VII: Playstation 3.” The date of the release for the title is shown as 12/1/2006 and retails for $59.99. The Best Buy site, at time of this writing, still has the page available for viewing here.

Final Fantasy VII was Square,s first major blockbuster RPG and became a run-away hit with its release in 1997 on the original Playstation. The game was hailed as a masterpiece and inducted many who were unfamiliar with RPGs up to that point into the rich make-believe world of the genre.

While no statement has been released by Square Enix upon the Best Buy listing, it will cause many fans to jump with joy at the prospect of revisiting the wonderful world of FF VII on a PS3.


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